The Enlightened Living Faire is proud to make a platform available for an ongoing dialogue for the sharing of thoughts, practices and ideas in the field of personal growth, the intuitive/healing arts and sustainable living.

All guests of the Faire are invited to participate in as many of the workshops as they choose to. There is no additional charge for the workshops as they are included in the entrance fee. All facilitators of the workshops are exhibitors at the Faire unless otherwise indicated.

Please enjoy the listing of great workshops that took place at our October event. Rest assured March's line-up will be just as diverse and Enlightening! 

Workshop Schedule
for Saturday October 13, 2018


11:30 "Getting Smart About Smart Meters"
with Sharon Lorraine
Sharon Lorraine will speak about the potential dangers of "smart" meters and other trespassing technologies.  Faced with the fact there were 3 Analog meters about 4 feet from her kitchen window, Sharon will share her story of "opting" out and remediation tools she has found to lessen the effect of the 2 "smart" meters about to be installed on her neighboring wall. She will also share more about the County Commissioners recent ordinance proposal to waive "smart" meter opt-out fees.


12:00  "Talk To Me With Love”
                                        with ShaRon Salmon-Jensen
ShaRon will be sharing tools and information from her new book Talk To Me With Love which focuses on healing from mental, emotional and physical abuse. In concert with her guides, the Council of Love of Light, she channeled the timeless wisdom they provided to assist us in healing ourselves, our families and our world.


1:00     "Divine Light Meditation with Jan VanEk
Light up your life by joining Jan in this experiential discussion and meditation that was developed by renowned teachers Barbara Y Martin and Dimitri Moraitis based on meditation traditions dating back 4,000            years. 
Learn how you can connect with your source of health, prosperity, love and more to improve all facets of your life.  

2:00    "Past Lives & Prosperity"     with Rev. Shareen

Our feelings about what prosperity is, how prosperous we can be, and how it manifests in our lives can often be associated to our parent's beliefs and actions.  But what about those areas where your beliefs and their beliefs are radically different? In this workshop we will discuss the relationship between your past lives and your prosperity and how to recognize patterns that may indicate you are working from information that is not relevant to your experiences in this life. 

3:00    “True Scalar Energetic Nutrition" with Mark
'True Scalar' Energy is the future of health.  Through use of beyond-quantum science and extreme purity of raw materials, an unadulterated scalar field is developed.  This highest frequency energy field organizes DNA, a prerequisite for wellness.  The underlying force behind all energetic anatomies is this True Scalar Field.  'True Scalar' Energy healthcare products help activate and strengthen one's inherent scalar field, a columnar wave of beyond-infinite energy permeating and surrounding the entire body on all levels.  

4:00    “Working With the Violet Flame" 
                                                     with Andrea Kremko
Whether you are new to the Violet Flame or have been working with for years you will want to join Andrea in this experiential discussion of exploring what the Violet Flame is, how to invoke it and what its’ purpose is. You will also be able to enjoy a guided meditation allowing you to        experience the energy and essence of this Flame for your yourself.


       All attempts will be made to adhere to the workshop schedule however, the Enlightened Living Faire reserves the right to make changes in the schedule without prior notice.


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