The Enlightened Living Faire is proud to make a platform available for an ongoing dialogue for the sharing of thoughts, practices and ideas in the field of personal growth, the intuitive/healing arts and sustainable living.

All guests of the Faire are invited to participate in as many of the workshops as they choose to. There is no additional charge for the workshops as they are included in the entrance fee. All facilitators of the workshops are exhibitors at the Faire unless otherwise indicated.


Please enjoy the listing of great workshops that were scheduled to occur at the March 2020 E.L.F.
All attempts will be made to maintain this line-up at the next ELF 



Workshop Schedule


11:00 "Increasing the Quantum Resonance of Your Biofield"                                                                                                                              with Mark
Sound intriguing? It definitely is intriguing and nobody explains it better than Mark. Be sure to join him and find out how you can discover and recover greater health and wellness on all levels of your being.  

12:00  "Crystal Singing Bowls: Activating your Crystalline DNA ”  
with Kathleen Johnson, MSN, FNP, HTP

Come learn about and listen to the amazing, magical healing power of crystal singing bowls! They are beautiful containers that will hold your healing intentions, amplify them and transmit them to and through you, and out into the world. A crystal singing bowl is both a musical and medical tool. We will discuss all their wonderful benefits, such as calming your nervous system and taking you into the Alpha-Theta state. Kathleen will give you a taste of their beautiful sound combined with a guided meditation for crystalline DNA activation..



1:00     "Spring Cleaning With Crystals                     with Anna Fornachon

Spring is the perfect time for inner exploration with crystals. Discover where you are energetically on your journey, and what you may have accumulated along the way that is not yours. Anna will share effective, practical ways to communicate with a variety of lesser known crystals, and experience their healing qualities to help spring-clean your body, heart, mind, and spirit and return to who you really are!



2:00    "Acupuncture: Overcoming Pain and Managing Stress"                                                                                                      with Shawn Harris L.Ac.

Does acupuncture hurt? How does acupuncture work? Join Dr. Harris as he answers commonly asked questions - as well as your questions -  about acupuncture. Following the lecture will be a demonstration of auricular acupuncture; which is great for anxiety, PTSD and even quitting smoking! 



3:00    “Secrets of Natural Walking"                                with Susan Barrett

Walk your way on over to join Susan in this informative presentation and learn how to improve the condition of yuor whole being with every step you take through the practical application of the Secrets of Natural Walking. Susan promises you won't walk away the same way you walked in!

4:00    “Steps to Self-Love"                                           with Andrea Kremko

We have all heard that self love is the foundation required to loving others but what exactly is self love? If you have ever pondered this be sure to join Andrea in this interactive discussion about how you can cultivate daily habits to foster a deeper sense of mindfulness and kindness that will deepen your connection, communion and communication with yourself and all those you interact with.      


       All attempts will be made to adhere to the workshop schedule however, the Enlightened Living Faire reserves the right to make changes in the schedule without prior notice.


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2022 Faire Schedule
Sat. Oct. 15, 2022


2023 Faire Schedule
Dates to be determined
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