The Enlightened Living Faire is proud to make a platform available for an ongoing dialogue for the sharing of thoughts, practices and ideas in the field of personal growth, the intuitive/healing arts and sustainable living.

All guests of the Faire are invited to participate in as many of the workshops as they choose to. There is no additional charge for the workshops as they are included in the entrance fee. All facilitators of the workshops are exhibitors at the Faire unless otherwise indicated.


Please enjoy the listing of great workshops that took place at our March event. We promise October's line-up will be just as diverse and Enlightening!

Workshop Schedule
for Saturday March 9, 2019


11:00 "Divine Light Meditationwith Jan Van Ek
Back by popular demand!!  Light up your life by joining Jan in this experiential discussion and meditation that was developed by renowned teachers Barbara Y Martin and Dimitri Moraitis based on meditation traditions dating back 4,000 years. Learn how you can connect with your source of health, prosperity, love and more to improve all facets of your life.  

12:00  "Soul Mandala Experience”  with Gary Layman
Join Gary and learn how soul mandalas can assist you in deepening your degree of self awareness and self realization.


1:00     "Crystals Can Rock Your World  
                                                     with Anna Fornachon

Crystals can help you discover how to embody who you really are, by showing you how to address areas in your life that remain illusive and challenging. Come and join Anna in celebrating what crystal consciousness has to offer you, and how other healing tools and allies can help bring balance to your life.



2:00    "Emotion Code Explored"  with Mary Reynolds

Join Mary and learn about the healing modality known as The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code was developed by Chiropractor, Dr. Bradley Nelson and is a simple and easy way to release the trapped emotional energy (baggage) that may be interfering with you having the good in your life that you deserve.


3:00    “Secrets of Natural Walking"
                                                       with Susan Barrett 
Walk your way on over to join Susan in this informative presentation and learn how to improve the condition of your whole being with every step you take through the practical application of the Secrets Of Natural Walking. Susan promises you won't walk away the same way you walked in!  


4:00    “Chakra Activation Meditation" 
                                                     with Andrea Kremko
Join Andrea in this experiential presentation in which you will enjoy a guided meditation that will purify and uplift your vital energy while activating each chakra center through the use of your breath. Whether you're new to meditation or a longtime practitioner you'll come away with a new technique that will continue to serve you well!   


       All attempts will be made to adhere to the workshop schedule however, the Enlightened Living Faire reserves the right to make changes in the schedule without prior notice.


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Join us on
Saturday October 12, 2019 from    
10:00 - 5:00 at the 
Josephine County Fairgrounds in Grants Pass
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2019 Faire Schedule
Saturday October 12

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