The Enlightened Living Faire is proud to make a platform available for an ongoing dialogue for the sharing of thoughts, practices and ideas in the field of personal growth, the intuitive/healing arts and sustainable living.

All guests of the Faire are invited to participate in as many of the workshops as they choose to. There is no additional charge for the workshops as they are included in the entrance fee. All facilitators of the workshops are exhibitors at the Faire unless otherwise indicated.


Workshop Schedule 
for Saturday March 11, 2023
Updates posted frequently - -  Please check back


11:00          “Divine Light Meditation”                              with Jan VanEk
Back by popular demand!!  Light up your life by joining Jan in this experiential
discussion and meditation that was developed by renowned teachers Barbara Y
Martin and Dimitri Moraitis based on meditation traditions dating back 4,000
years. Learn how you can connect with your source of health, prosperity, love and
more to improve all facets of your life. 


12:00   "Introducing Goddess: Diety, Archetype, Role Model, Ideal" 
                                                                                           with Karen Tate

Meet Goddess Advocate, Karen Tate, sharing her journey from New Orleans to Grants Pass and all the sacred Goddess sites in-between as she learned about the importance of the Divine Feminine to women, men and the planet. 



1:00     "Beyond the Veil"                                              with Donna Schmid
Activate your spiritual senses to connect with your guides. Once this connection is made, it is forever – giving you the loving guidance to help create the most fulfilling life experiences. This class is for the spiritual seeker who is open and curious to experience the support awaiting “Beyond the Veil”. 



2:00     “Death Cannot Stop Me”: One Woman’s Journey to Find Her 

              Beloved Through the Veil                                           with Vajra Ma

Join Vajra in this exploration and discussion of death as a door to a different frequency of Life. Vajra's beloved husband died suddenly, unexpectedly. Vajra knew she had to learn to open that door. What she found is her soul’s deepest experience of love and life purpose.



3:00       "Soulmate Animal Connections"                      with Shawna Fischer
Join Shawna, author of “Soulmate Dog: My Journey Home With Luna’s Guiding Wisdom”  and learn ways of tapping into and exploring soulmate animal connections. To help you connect more deeply with an animal in your life, Shawna will guide you in a meditation designed to enhance your understanding of and connection to your beloved animal companion. 

4:00    “To Love Ones Self"                                           with Andrea Kremko

If you have ever pondered exactly what self love is be sure to join Andrea in this

interactive discussion about how you can cultivate daily habits to foster a deeper
kindness, connection and communication with yourself and your future self.


       All attempts will be made to adhere to the workshop schedule however,
       the Enlightened Living Faire reserves the right to make changes in the 
       schedule without prior notice.


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2023 Faire Schedule
Sat. March 11, 2023
Sat. Oct. 14, 2023


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