Free Workshop Schedule
Saturday March 9, 2024




 11:00      “Divine Light Meditation”                                                    with Jan VanEk
                      Back by popular demand!!  Light up your life by joining Jan in this experiential
                    discussion and meditation that was developed by renowned teachers Barbara Y
                    Martin and Dimitri Moraitis based on meditation traditions dating back 4,000
                    years. Learn how you can connect with your source of health, prosperity, love and
                    more to improve all facets of your life.  


12:00        “The Energetics of Abundance”                                       with Occam Wood
                        Occam Wood E.H.P will discuss How life experiences become energetic blocks that can
                     stop you from accessing abundance and success in life, relationships, health, business,
                     and love. He will also be leading us through an exercise to identify and release some of 
                     these energetic toxins.


1:00          "Experience Deep Healing As a Neutral Witness"        with Anna Fornachon
Learning how to let go and become unattached to outcome is possible when we can
                      witness, perceive, and experience life situations from a neutral perspective. We will explore 
                      a variety of ways to become a Neutral Witness, enhancing connection, love, & compassion 
                      with yourself, family, and community.    


2:00          "From a Hidden Stream: The Natural Spiritual Authority of Woman” with Vajra Ma
                         Natural spiritual authority (nothing like authoritarianism!) emerges from authorship of life 
                     which is inseparable from relationship and responsibility. Women are awakening to our 
                     capacity and calling to guide humanity back to right relationship. Come hear inspiring 
                     stories how this is playing out today, even to the point of ending a brutal civil war in one 



3:00          “Searching For Truth"                                                with Debbie Wainscott
You are Soul, an eternal, creative being. Unlimited. Divine. Does something inside
                     you long to know life's purpose? To make sense of the world around you? 
Come along
                     and discover the most secret part of yourself. The key to spiritual freedom lies within you.



 4:00         “The Future of Self Care"                                              with Andrea Kremko
personal reflections and contemplation on her on-going journey of self care
                     Andrea discovered how living with greater intention and awareness each day easily and                             naturally creates greater ease and joy in the future. Sharing what she has learned and 
                     actively practices she will assist you in 
taking your concept of self care to the next level - 
                     the future!   




All attempts will be made to ahere to this schedule, however the Enlightened Living Faire
reserves the right to make adjustments and changes as necessary