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Directory of Exhibitors

from October 12, 2019
Be sure to check back in early 2020 and
discover who will be at the ELF on March 14, 2020



Gabrielle Adele
Intuitive Life Reader
Gabrielle Adele gratefully works with the gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing). Through the process of Soul Leadings & Life Readings, she connects you with your Spirit Guides to help you hear your own inner voice. Your guides are always present within and around you, continuously preparing and revealing the next steps on your life journey. You may come with an idea of what you want to hear, however, she will tell you what your guides want you to know. Without cards or devices, she immediately reveals the deepest issues of your heart.

To find out more or to schedule a private reading call Gabrielle at 541-488-0228 or visit her website at


Andrew the Wizard

Palm Reader; Metaphysical Consultant
Andrew the Wizard has been studying palmistry and metaphysics for just over a decade and has been providing his services to the public for 3 years.  Palmistry offers insights into present circumstances with past and present influences to generate the best possible future.   As a metaphysical and paranormal consultant, he offers insights and solutions to problems that may be caused beyond the physical realm.  Sometimes, it’s just the wind.  For others, you need a wizard.


Andrew can be contacted by email at


Mary Arthur

Intuitive, Astrologer, Author, Artist
“In the Beginning, there was a link between Heaven and Earth, a special bond between Angels and Animals, a way of secreting the Wisdom of the Ages into the deep recesses of Ancestral Memories.” Mary secures this link, once again joining Heaven and Earth via her Oracle Card readings. Mary is a multi-faceted natural "channel & storyteller" that uses cards as a focus point to insure her client's comfort and visual stimulation during sometimes intimate and most often very accurate interpretations. Mary also offers detailed Past Life or Ancestral Origin readings available on commission. What mysteries gifts become known when astrology, numerology & intuition combine to cast your past and guide you towards your future?

To find out more or to schedule your private appointment contact Mary via email at


Astara E. Edmonds

Psychic/Clairvoyant, Reiki Master Teacher, Author

Astara's Readings are professional and highly accurate delivered with respect.  Her connection to Angels and Ascended Masters supports her in being a clear and compassionate messenger.  The information is intended to guide and empower you with insight and perspective that will bring clarity to your life.  Your questions are welcomed. Astara has been dedicated to serving in the metaphysical field for 30 years. Enjoy her cookbook: “Spirit and Spices, The Vegetarian Way”.

For information or scheduling your private in-person or phone Reading, contact Astara at or email  Located in Glide, OR 352-601-8529


Patricia Gantt & Sirkka Berstecher 

Be sure to visit Sirkka and Patricia's booth where they will be presenting their unique and beautiful paintings and jewelry that are inspired by the world around us.


Karen Bertram
Young Living Essential Oils

Additional information forthcoming. Please check back to find out more about Karen and her inspired offerings.

Gary Burroughs

Performer and Distributor of Native American Flutes

Gary has been playing his NAF for 9 years. His love for the Native American people and the flute has inspired his music. He enjoys the flute because there are no boundaries. His music is created for the moment and comes from his heart; therefore, he named his CD “From My Heart”. Gary and his wife Rosie became a flute distributor for High Spirit Flutes. Together they formed a flute circle that meets once a month at no cost. They also started a drum circle last year which also meets once a month. Gary is available for performances, weddings, memorials and private flute lessons.

For flute and drum circle dates and for any additional information, email:


Karen Campbell
Broken Wing Spiritual Counseling
Karen is a life-long counselor with many healing modalities available. She is offering Spirit Guided Tarot Consultations for this event. Tarot has been around for over 500 years. It is a time honored method of gaining insight and Spiritual guidance for a life path that reflects your highest potentials. A Tarot reading with Karen can help you gain a better understanding of the changes that come your way.It offers peace where there was confusion and is an affirmation that you are not alone, nor are you lost. You are Blessed and a Blessing.

To schedule a private Tarot reading or Alchemical Healing®, or to find out about her SoulCollage® classes and sacred ceremonies call Karen at 503-990-0813, or e-mail her at or visit her website:

Nancy Campbell
Spiritual Readings
Nancy will help you with your travels through this life time with the gifts from our creator. Nancy has been guiding others with spiritual readings, tarot card interpretation, guidance through the I-Ching, answers with pendulum magick and chakra cleansing. Bring your question, desire and needs then be prepared for what Nancy's Spirit Guides will present to you.

To find out more or to schedule a private appointment please call541-474-1810 or e-mail


Mark Chapman
Intuitive Readings; Astrology Discussion; Tarot and Numbers as symbols 
Mark has been offering readings since 1976. He has toured with the ESP fairs, Boeing employees Psychic Fair, ET AL. Mark is currently in process creating a blog ( to write his perspective on moving into the aquarius spectrum and other topics.


Private sessions are available


The Council of Initiation

The Council of Initiation is here to assist in bringing your gifts to your awareness. The Council of Inititation take pride that they are not the carvers of your sculpted path but rather elements that your soul has called in to bring awareness to your innate gifts. They work organically with the methods your own higher self reveals to them. No route or method is prescribed but is discovered together. The Council of Initiation are Oracles, Reiki Masters, Herbalists, Intuitive Counselors/Guides and Soul/Highest Self Emissaries serving those seeking inner peace and healing. The Council serves Starseeds, Lightworkers, Teachers and Students of the Multidimensional Community and are in service to the Higher Selves of those individuals on the Ascension path. 


To find out more visit email or (541) 838-0011



Eckenkar, experience the light and sound of God. The qualaity of your life depends 1 thing, your connection with Divine Spirit. Discover how God speaks to us through past lives, dreams and soul travel. Make this lifetime count! Eckankar, the spiritual adventure of a lifetime. Be sure to sop by the booth and spin the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel.

For more information, free books and video excerpts visit or call 1-888-lovegod


Lucianna Estes
Astrologer, Tarot reader, Wiccan Practitioner and Elder 
In addition to being a skilled astrologer, Tarot reader, and Wiccan practioner Luciana has 40 years’ experience as a psychological/ intuitive/psychic counselor.  Her commitment is to serve the highest good by using her knowledge to aid in revealing your soul’s intention and what you brought into this life to aid you in your journey toward fulfillment.  Astrology can indicate the timing and phases of your life events, stressful and otherwise, increase self-awareness and broaden understanding of your place in the world.  Lucianna uses Astrology to see the greater overall picture of a person’s life, and Tarot to focus upon specific issues of the moment. She is available for lectures, readings, and instruction in Tarot, Astrology, and the Wiccan tradition. 


You can contact her by call or text at 530 408-8837 or email at


Janet and Mike Fields

Proprietors of J & M Rocks and Gems
Janet and Mike invite all of you to stop by their table for a visit. The earth has given us an abundance of beauty, energy and power in the form of stones and gems. Janet and Mike have selected a wonderful variety of them just for you and are looking forward to enlightening you on all they have to offer and share. Be sure to stop by their booth so that you can help them help you release the magic in rocks!


Shawna Fischer
Animal Communicator

Shawna Fischer has always had a connection with animals and has always had animals in her life. Animals are a constant source of inspiration and joy to Shawna. In a reading with her Shawna will offer you insights into the world of animals and all they have to share with you and teach you.  To her, doing this work honors the path of her heart and assists in reconnecting, finding balance and deepening the understanding between animals and their people. Through the insights revealed by an animal communication reading animals are able to communicate what they so tirelessly seek to express: their unconditional love and lessons about living life well.

To find out more or to schedule an appointment contact Shawna at or at call 425-890-2732 or click


Anna Fornachon
Crystal Healing, Gendai Reiki Practitioner, Radionics

Anna has been experiencing the healing powers of crystals for 16 years and is custodian to an extensive crystal library. As a Gendai Reiki Practitioner she blends the spiritual and practical knowledge of this lineage with the crystal consciousness, the combination creates potential for deep healing on all levels. A worldwide traveler her personal studies have included time with indigenous cultures, allowing development of potent healing practices and enhancing intuitive communications with nature and the etheric realms.  Science meets spirit with the latest tool in her healing basket, Radionics machines are Orgone/Chi generators which allow “action (healing) at a distance”.


For more information call Anna at (541) 761 6867 or email visit 

Vada Gates

Psychic Reader; Creator of Wrapped Earth Jewelry
As all blessings flow from Creator so do Vada’s readings for you. Facilitated by her Guides and Spirit Animals, she brings to you the Native perspective she was raised with to promote gentle guidance and knowledge on your individual path. Wishing love and light to all, the jewelry Vada creates aids those who need the power of stones to promote love, protection, healing and grounding throughout their journey in this dimension.

To find out more or to schedule a private reading call Vada at 541-582-3619 or email her at


Gem Mystique

Music of the 12 Birthstones

Gem Mystique is a colorful and radiant musical journey through the twelve birthstones.  Its creation took a year and a half of researching the musical vibrations of the twelve gems. By the 'gems tone' (note the two words create the word Gemstone) along with the musical note of each color and its intrinsic folk lore, Gem Mystique came into being. The melodies are original compositions brought together with piano, rich strings and beautifully blended synthesized tones. From the Garnet of India to the timbre of Turquoise, Gem Mystique brings the warmth, beauty and harmony of the birth gems to your listening pleasure.


Gem Mystique available through SHER at phone number 1.800.774.SHER (7437)  or


Donna Harris, L. Ac., MTCM

Licensed Acupuncturist; Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner: Dedicated to Helping Others to Live Pain Free
After a car accident acupuncture changed Donna's life. As a result she attended Five Branches University in Santa Cruz for 5 years to learn how to help others in the same way she herself had been helped. Donna specializes in pain management, headaches, sciatica, frozen neck, shoulder, knee, wrist pain. Regardless of the presenting reason or issue Donna seeks to provide relief and healing to all those who come to see her; in most cases of physical trauma, the sooner a person sees an acupuncturist the fewer treatments they may need.  Donna will be giving mini chair treatments for $20 to those who would like to try acupuncture during the Faire.

Donna's office is located at 
845 NE 7th Street in GP (look for “Acupuncture Wellness Center” sign on the right) or call 541-295-8121 to find out more or schedule an appointment. Be sure to visit her website at  


Dodi Hart
Certified Reflexologist; Reiki Practitioner
Helping others came naturally and early to Dodi. She was raised by a physician and has been a phlebotomist in both hospital and clinical settings. Feeling the calling and a strong desire to be of service to others in a more hands-on way
Dodi found herself guided to studying Reflexology. Through the application of gentle pressure on the reflex points of hands and feet Dodi assists in triggering the natural healing mechanism of the body by improving immune system function, circulation and the relaxation response while reducing fatigue and stress. Through reflexology Dodi has found a soul-satisfying way to assist people in enhancing their current level of well-being or returning to wellness.  Find Dodi at her Hart-Felt Reflexology LLC office in Grants Pass where she offers private reflexology sessions to both men and women. 


To find out more or to schedule an appointment call Dodi at 541-218-3955 email her or find her on Facebook: Hart-FeltRelexologyLLC


Joy Hiler

Second generation Psychic/Medium
Being a second generation psychic and able to hear Spirit from a young age, Joy has been an open channel for most of her life. Joy receives very specific messages and guidance from her Spirit Guides and is often as surprised as her clients how timely, accurate and helpful the messages are. Joy is also very skilled and experienced at sitting with others as they make their transition from the physical back to spirit. When working with others in this capacity, she holds the space and assists the one making their transition and then after the spirit is released from the physical body she is able to share with the family and loved ones all that she witnessed, received and sensed bringing untold peace to all concerned.

To find out more or to schedule a private appointment please call Joy at 659-1125 or e-mail her at


Iridescent Moment
Jewelry; suncatchers; wellness products 
IridescentMoment is a heart-centered, southern-Oregon based design studio, handcrafting raw mineral jewelry, sun-catchers, and other wellness products, with integrity, authenticity, and uniqueness. All beings of love are welcome here. 
Chrissy is the Designer/Maker and Creatrix of Light. She sees both the innate light and darkness in everything and everyone, and chooses to focus on healing the darkness while thriving in the light. Chrissy conscientiously and actively works on her own personal empowerment allowing her to support, inspire, and uplift others who are choosing to RISE, by actively being a lighthouse for those headed for some of the same rocks she has hit. 


To find out more please contact her at and visit

Clarity Coach; Your Still Point
Isha will be offering Clarity Coach© Readings intuiting well-being, environmental and any other information to help you reach those desires which you are currently flowing towards. Isha assists in bringing you to experience your "Still Point" to brighten and expand that which lay dormant awaiting recognition and release in that guided moment to clarity.

To find out more or to schedule your private appointment please call Isha at 
541-441-0041 or e-mail her at


Peggy Sue Jenkins 

Painting as Splendora-ly: Visionary Artist
“…there is indeed a menagerie within each of us…a wolf, a hyena, a lion, … a wild man and a wild woman.” ~ Ian McCallum.
Splendora's gift and passion is to paint people with their spirit animal/s. Splendora-ly believes that her art "helps people heal through their heart chakra by revealing the visual voice of their soul". Splendora-ly begins the process by taking digital pictures of you which are used to guide her to the mirror of your soul. She then begins the creative process by listening, drawing the image of you first and then the other images as they begin to emerge from within. While Splendora's paintings often contain spirit animals they may contain other images that reveal what is in most need of healing or expression.

To find out more about Splendora-ly please call 541-659-6979 or email her at


Kathleen Johnson, MSN, FNP

Healing Touch and Sound Practitioner
Kathleen is a Holistic Family Nurse Practitioner and a Healing Touch and Sound Practitioner with a private practice in Grants Pass, Oregon. She provides comprehensive medical care with a focus on integrative treatment. She is skilled in treatment with diet, nutritional supplementation and natural approaches to enhance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. She is a singer/songwriter and incorporates alchemy crystal singing bowls, harp and other instruments into her healing practice. Her voice has been described as angelic and transports the listener to the quiet refuge inside the human heart, while expanding the spirit to a connectedness with God and All That Is.

Visit her website at


Andrea Kremko, C.M.Ht., D.D.

Organizer of the Enlightened Living Faire; Hypnotherapist; Reiki Master/Teacher; Jikiden Reiki Practitioner; Spiritual Coach
With almost 25 years as a professional in the healing arts Andrea brings much experience, heart, humor and knowledge to her students and clients alike. Andrea works full time as a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Energy Practitioner in private practice. With a strong connection to the archetype of teacher, Andrea develops and facilitates classes and programs dedicated to the healing arts and receives immense pleasure from teaching others and assisting them in developing their skills and deepening into their healership. Andrea also holds a Doctorate of Divinity degree, is skilled in energy field and chakra assessment and analysis, remote (distance) energy work and offers individualized coaching and mentoring to both clients and practitioners.

To find out more or to schedule a private appointment please call Andrea at 541-761-5478 or e-mail her at


Jason Kryzak, LMT; CST
Co-Proprietor of Radiant Family Natural Health
Radiant Family is a natural healthcare clinic offering a variety of holistic services for the whole family.  Treat the mind with life coaching and the Work of Byron Katie.  Balance the body with acupuncture, massage, herbal medicine, craniosacral therapy, and nutrition consultation.  Heal the spirit with Reiki and deep soothing energetic work.  In addition, we support your healing process with a variety of non-toxic personal care products and other local goods in our shop, and we always welcome you with a cup of homemade organic herbal tea!  If you are in need of some help with your health, please come down to Radiant Family for an experience of professional, loving care.
To find out more or to schedule your private appointment contact Jason Kryzak, LMT  or  Miranda Black, LAc at 541-291-0111 or visit or e-mail


Rosie Lazzeri
Visionary Artist
Visionary art may be a new name to some but the transfer of light and energy have been since the beginning of the universe. Rosie Lazzeri is a Visionary artist that believes in high integrity. Her specialty is “The Visual Vibration of Color Connected To the Manifestation of the Invisible.” With the guidance of the angels she paints the representation of your soul. To some it may seem like she is doing the paintings backwards for she writes the message first and then paints the painting. Her paintings and cards help you and the receiver find vision, even in those times when it seems almost impossible to see. They help to shift thinking from impossible to possible.

To find out more about Visionary Art or Rosie’s art class schedule please call Rosie at 541-857-5032



Rev. Shareen Webb
Shareen has being giving intuitive readings since she was 17, and professionally since 2014 to hundreds of clients over the phone, online, at events, and in person. She loves helping her clients can see how they are using their creativity, what they create for themselves and where they limit themselves; as well as where they may let external energies or situations influence them. Shareen is also an energy healer, facilitating long distance and in person clairvoyant and hands-on healings that help her clients release energetic patterns and blocks, bringing the body and spirit back into alignment. Being able to fully use the gifts and skills God graced her with is her greatest joy.

To find out more or schedule a private appointment


Jacqueline Mauritz

Jackie has been a professional artist for several decades, and she is very pleased to be participating in the ELF show! Her creative talents are painting, photography, graphic fine art, and print-making. Jackie has sold in galleries, on-line, and various other venues to patrons in Europe, and the United States. Her portraits were also awarded as prizes on the TV show, Gambit. Her choice of subject matter includes fairies, flappers, nature, the human condition, and surrealism. All printmaking, mounting, and matting is done in her residential gallery, which is open to the public by appointment. Jackie is very much looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you!


To set up your private appointment to visit Jackie at her gallery call her at 541-226-2431 or email her at


Mollie Means
Psychic Channel
Mollie is an experienced psychic channel with over 20 years experience. Mollie accesses her guides, guardian angels, and/or master teachers or those of her client to bring through the information that will be of the highest benefit in addressing the cares, concerns or questions her clients have. She cares deeply about her clients, working with the highest of intent, surrounded by White Light. She empowers her clients by assisting them in deepening their understanding of self and increasing their self love.

To find out more or to schedule a private appointment please call Mollie at 541-218-6709


Aura Photography and Aura Readings


Norine Nicolson

Intuitive and Psychic Visionary Reader, Visionary Artist, Energy Alignment  

Norine Says, " I Am in service to the Light, to bring beauty, peace, harmony to your life and our world." For over 25 years, from within this devotion flows her gift of natural psychic abilities and energy work. When one sits with Norine, the connection between you and your Guides and Angels opens. Together, clarity is revealed to align you to your life and your specific focus. This allows you to create clearer choices and decisions for a happier easier life. Looking for an image to carry your inspiration and motivation? Be sure to ask Norine about her specialty - - The Art of You.

For Private Readings call Norine at 541- 423-5833, or email:


Irene Park
Natal Chart Astrologist
A natal or birth chart can be thought of as your soul's blueprint for this lifetime. Accessing the information contained in this blueprint can assist you in gaining clarity with reagards to the gifts, strengths and talents you brought with you when you entered this life as well as the challenges and opportunities for growth and expansion your soul planned for you. Irene brings over 4 decades of practical experience and study of this ancient science to assist you in gaining a deeper perspective of your total being and your potential to live life with greater fulfillment and joy. 


To find out more or schedule a private appointment call Irene at 805-871-1183 or email 

Nicole Person

Nicole Person has a varied background. After more than 10 years in high tech marketing, she left the industry to co-found a French Intensive Biodynamic farm, then spent 9 years in the natural products industry. She has studied a variety of healing modalities including Shiatsu massage, Homeopathic remedies, Flower and Gem Essences, herbs and nutritional supplements. Healing modalities include: Pranic Healing, Crystal therapy, Heart and Soul, 7-Rays, Quantum Touch, Remote Viewing, and is a Reiki master (Usui, Karuna and Shambala). Since 2000, she has provided more than 1000 personal clearings. Nicole specializes in finding and clearing negative energies for people, businesses and places. Be sure to stop by Nicole's booth where you will find her line of vibrational remedy sprays to assist you in maintaining positive energy and facilitating your healing process. 


More information and testimonies can be found on her website:


Sandra Quenon

Proprietor of and Creator at Love Thy Spirit

This is our first year at ELF. Come and see our lovely handmade items! Velvet lined Treasure Bags for tarot cards, runes, crystals, travelling altars and many other uses. Sea Salt Pillows for displaying your spheres and figures while keeping negative energies at bay. Beautiful Pyramid Pillows to display those items that need a bit more support such as crystal hearts, geodes, and spheres. Dream pillows to help you have more vivid dreams, and help you to remember them. Everything is made by hand, infused with love and light.


Find her at Etsy shop: LoveThySpiritShop and on Facebook: Love Thy Spirit


Erik M Roth

Fully Initiated and Certified Shamanic Astrologer

Based in Portland, OR, Erik has been a professional astrologer since 2010, bringing archetypal-awareness to many as we journey to fulfill our soul’s intent. Certified by Daniel Giamario of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, he provides astrology readings, talks and teaches shamanic astrology across the Western US.  Through the lens of Shamanic Astrology, Erik's astrology readings help you connect to your soul's intent without judgment while honoring the totality of your being.  In addition, he can assist with understanding your life phases and timings through our relationship with the planets, stars, Sun and Moon.


More information about Erik can be found at his website, , by e-mail at and phone at 971-404-7117

Jocelyn Rousseau LMT
Shiatsu Practitioner, Energy Therapist and Sound Balancer
Jocelyn combines Japanese acupressure massage, energy therapy, and sound to assist your whole body in adjusting into the balance that it is always seeking. Jocelyn works on the body as it is a manifestation of your thoughts. She helps you receive the information in your energy body, the light beam scaffolding that it is, giving your flesh form. By using sound she helps to transform the incoherent noises into the harmonies of your self-song. Jocelyn will be offering a chair version of this work at the ELF in 10 – 20 minute sessions. She is looking forward to meeting you and assisting you.

To find out more or schedule a private appointment  call Jocylyn 541-415-4395 e-mail


Kasey Schweickert

Whole Body Wellness Facilitator

Kasey is a Shamanic Practitioner, Sound Therapist, Channel/Psychic, Egyptian Numerologist, Flower Essence Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, Rocks and Reiki Master & Herbalist. Her practice and teachings utilizes the energy of crystals, sound, plants and flower essences. As a sacred energy practitioner and teacher she strives to empower others to empower themselves through understanding how to connect to the source that connects us all.

Kasey facilitates monthly Sound Baths & Guided meditations on the first Saturday of every month at Sundance Healing Arts, in Grants Pass. She also teaches workshops/classes and offers private work and session


To find out more call Kasey at 541.622.2169 or email visit her website at


Shaman's Marketplace
Shaman’s Marketplace, located in Grants Pass, carries “Tools for the Modern Shaman, Druid and Pagan”. We carry a wide variety of smudging herbs and supplies, drums, rattles, books, CDs and more. Debbie and Gary Gent have been assisting clients through shamanic journeys and coaching for over two decades. They also offer private shamanic journey sessions, facilitate “playshops” and a monthly drum circle in Grants Pass.

To schedule a private appointment you can reach Debbie at 602-896-0146 or Gary at 602-439-5843, or visit them on the web at and


Danella & Michael Shea

Intuitive and Psychic Readers

Danella and Michael enjoy providing readings together. They have 30 years of combined experience as tarot readers and have diverse backgrounds in spiritual disciplines - Danella: Native American Red Path, and Reiki. Michael: Laying on of hands healing, and Channeling and they both have training as Meditation teachers, Intuitive and Psychic Readers, and many years as Wiccan Priestess and Priest. Danella and Michael explain their approach in  this way, “Our clients participate in each reading. Each reading is an opportunity to gain clarity and direction. We are all psychic. We show people how to tune in to those abilities and to trust themselves.”


To find out more or to schedule a private appointment please call Michael & Danella at 541-596-2169


SophiaRose: Inner Light Heart Centered Healing

Psychic Channel, Energy Healer, Hypnotherapist, Past life Regressionist

Open the doors to your inner wisdom. Allow me to help you discover your true essence. This time at the ELF SophiaRose will be offering Akashic Readings, and Energy Healing. In a reading she connects with your Akashic Records, and spiritual team to receive the information most important to you at this time. As a longtime and serious student of the healing arts she has studied various forms of energy healing to help facilitate your healing process by allowing more energy to flow, blocks to dissolve, and vitality to return. I look forward to working with you.


To find out more or schedule a private session contact SophiaRose at

Erin Sprinkle
Owner and Designer at Heat Treats
For over 20 years Erin has been hand-crafting Heat Treats, pain relief wraps that 
contain a special blend of lavender and flaxseed that you warm up in your microwave. Unlike rice or corn wraps that can lose heat quickly, Erin has found that natural flaxseed retains heat longer, provides soothing moisture and conforms to your body for ultimate comfort. Heat Treats unique formula was developed and tested with the help of therapists and gerontologists to ensure the most effective pain relief along with the calming scent of lavender. Erin takes pride in crafting quality products and helping you find the Heat Treat that is just right for you. Be sure to ask about ‘Cuddle Ups’, fun Heat Treat critters that kids and pets love to cuddle with.


Please visit Erin’s booth to find out more about Heat Treats or visit


Handcrafted inspired offerings for home, person and office

Ter Nemphe, LLC

Therapies of Energy HealingTM
Specializing in therapeutic bodywork and energy healing for women. Offering 15 minute Reflexology treatments to the guests of the Faire. Stop by and enter a drawing for a chance to win a free, one hour treatment of your choice. No obligation.


Jan VanEk

Proprietor VanEk Sculpture
Please stop by Jan’s booth and discover more about Jan and her inspired hand cast bronze offerings. Discover for yourself that Jan truly has something for everyone from handmade pendants of precious and semi-precious stones combined with beautiful hand cast bronze pieces to full size bronze sculptures that would be right at home in your home.

To find out more visit



Mother Tongue Ink publishes creative work by women, celebrating earth-based spirituality and visions for a changing world. Since 1981, MT Ink has published We'Moon: Gaia Rhythms for Womyn, the earth-spirited datebook and inspired collection of women's art and writing. Produced locally!

Find them at and reach us at 541-479-4056


Sharon Williams

Additional information forthcoming. Please check back to find out more about Sharon and her inspired offerings.


Wilma's Wondrous Words
Be sure to stop by Wilma's booth to experience and enjoy. her gifts for you....Wisdom.....Structure..... Vibration..... Intentions.....Vision.....Commitment.....Projection.....
Spiritual Energy.....Consciousness Projects..... Creative Energy flowing of Patterns.....To Love with Heart and Mind......Feel the Harmony.....Emotions..... Wholeness and Pattern Image.....Clean and Clear from This Moment Forward..... Creative Energy and Power..... From A to Z……Enjoy.....This Journey With Me..... Smiles



Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, Astrologer
Wolfdreamer is a natural born psychic with very strong clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic abilities. She began experiencing premonitions early in childhood and has been doing readings professionally for over 40 years. By hearing your voice she receives very detailed information about the people and concerns in your life. Her readings come from many sources; often using astrology and/or the Tarot cards. Having the ability to see where you are currently on your life path she will help guide you to better choices so there is less chance of repeating the same patterns . She definitely believes that "Knowledge is Power". Her philosophy is that “We are all co-creators of our own reality.

To schedule an in-person or telephone appointment, please call Wolfdreamer at 541 295-0804 or visit her website or email her at



Essences of Wholeness and Empowering Services
Essences of Wholeness flower essence formulas accelerate your goal of awakening to the fullest expression of who you are. Empowering services:  individual essence consultations;  readings from soul level and the Akashic field; multi-dimensional healing; and, integrative life coaching sessions -- in person, phone and Skype.  Yonti draws upon: 45+ years of energy healing; training and experience in counseling, coaching and readings; and, her own personal spiritual journey.  May you live your life in full bloom!

For more info go to

**Please be advised that the services offered at the Enlightened Living Faire are not intended to replace traditional medical or professional advice or care. Guests or customers of the Enlightened Living Faire are further advised that they assume complete and total responsibility for the use and outcome of any and all services received.***

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