Directory of Exhibitors 

THe October Enlightened Living Faire is currently in development.
Below are the outstanding exhibitors who
were present at the March ELF 




Andrew the Wizard
Palm Reader; Metaphysical Consultant
Andrew the Wizard has been studying palmistry and metaphysics for just over a decade and has been providing his services to the public for 3 years.  Palmistry offers insights into present circumstances with past and present influences to generate the best possible future.   As a metaphysical and paranormal consultant, he offers insights and solutions to problems that may be caused beyond the physical realm.  Sometimes, it’s just the wind.  For others, you need a wizard.


Andrew can be contacted by email at



Mary Arthur
Intuitive, Astrologer, Author, Artist
“In the beginning, there was a link between heaven and earth, a special bond between angels and animals, a way of secreting the wisdom of the ages into the deep recesses of ancestral memories.” Mary secures this link, once again joining heaven and earth via her Oracle Card readings. Mary is a multi-faceted natural "channel & storyteller" that uses cards as a focus point to insure her client's comfort and visual stimulation during sometimes intimate and most often very accurate interpretations.

To find out more or to schedule your private appointment contact Mary via email at




Aurawareness invites you to have your aura photo taken and see your own unique and radiant energy. Receive a reading from Mezdulene and find out what your aura says about you. She will interpret the colors and give you insight to enhance your awareness of your divine essence. Chakra photos are also available

to give you a glimpse of your chakra health and balance. 

Contact or see her website to find out more


Nature's Meaningful Stones & Beads in Purposeful Harmonies   


Three intensities and wearable as necklaces, Azyurmahna are beautiful manifestation agents with intentions. Foreseen Level pieces come with stone meanings & care sheet.  Custom pieces manifested through private readings and include activation guide, stone meanings, and personal meditation created for your needs.

The popular abr. are small, versatile abbreviated Azyurmahna charms.

Purchase any Azyurmahna that resonates for you and I can tell you why your own intuition is your best guide.

NEW! Limited offers of “ChakraBros”, Twinstones, red amethyst, and Love beads.


Cash or check only TEXT 310-675-6771 for Custom queries.



Patricia Gantt & Sirkka Berstecher
Abstract Artistry

Join Sirkka and Patricia as they present mixed media paintings honoring our Mother Earth and the universe around us. Sirkka shows her love of new life beginning in Spring. Patricia celebrates her love

of birds and other creatures. They also feature resin works and Jewelry.



Lillian "Lil" Briscoe
Greetings from Lil! Working with clay is a favorite past time for Lil Today at the ELF Lil will be sharing her series of "Earth Spirits", who evolved from Finnish mythology a millenium ago. Lil is also a  Reiki Master and very involved with the Asante Auxiliary. Lil, along with her husband Glen, are in their 80's and so far have 11 great grand children that keep their home and schedules happy and full of life and activities. Their motto is " enjoy every day and everybody". And they do!!  Be sure to stop by visit with Lil and her "Earth Spirits - - you'll be glad you did!!



Gary Burroughs
Performer and Distributor of Native American Flutes

Gary has been playing his NAF for 9 years. His love for the Native American people and the flute has inspired his music. His music is created for the moment and comes from his heart; therefore, he named his CD “From My Heart”. Gary and his wife Rosie became a flute distributor for High Spirit Flutes. Together they formed a flute circle that meets once a month at no cost. They also started a drum circle last year which also meets once a month. Gary is available for performances, weddings, memorials and private flute lessons.
For flute and drum circle dates and for any additional information, email:



Karen Campbell
Broken Wing Spiritual Counseling
Karen is a life-long counselor with many healing modalities available. She is offering Spirit Guided Tarot Consultations for this event. A Tarot reading with Karen can help you gain a better understanding of the changes that come your way. It offers peace where there was confusion and is an affirmation that you are not alone, nor are you lost. You are Blessed and a Blessing.

To schedule a private Tarot reading or Alchemical Healing®, or to find out about her SoulCollage® classes and sacred ceremonies call Karen at 503-990-0813, or e-mail her at or visit


Nancy Campbell
Spiritual Readings
Nancy will help you with your travels through this life time with the gifts from our creator. Nancy has been guiding others with spiritual readings, tarot card interpretation, guidance through the I-Ching, answers with pendulum magick and chakra cleansing. Bring your question, desire and needs then be prepared for what Nancy's Spirit Guides will present to you.

To find out more or to schedule a private appointment please call541-474-1810 or e-mail



Tim Campbell
Wood Carvings; Angel Card Readings
Be sure to stop by and take in the spirited, rustic wood carvings created by Tim. At first glance your eyes may delight at the carving, then don't be surprised if your heart begins to awaken you to a deeper sense of .....of .....well actually that's for you to sense and discern for yourself! For an added bonus be sure to ask TIm for an Angel card reading and blessing.



SK Cothren

Psychic/ Spirit Medium; Card Reader

In 2013, SK's health took a major nosedive. Two near-death experiences later, her life changed forever. Her old life as a public school teacher was over and she entered the psychic/ paranormal world. Developing her psychic abilities led to giving readings in 2019, and continues to provide joyful, meaningful connections with people.

SK offers two types of readings: 1. Spirit/Medium - connect with a loved one in spirit; 2. Card Reading - shows your life in a new light. See your options, opportunities and unique gifts clearly. Look for SK in the booth with the giant butterfly backdrop!

For more information, contact SK at 541-519-5378,, Website (under construction)



Martha Dewey
Intuitive Energy Work; Psychic Medium
Martha works in the Gracefield of "Many Mothers", her soul family. Martha offers energy alignment, cosmic energy showers and readings. Her desire is to help people feel balanced and connected to their unique life path. To accomplish this she uses tools such as faery bells, stones, light language, and song to compliment her energy work and psychic skills. As Many Mothers say, "Every being has it's unique song. Each human is one of the myriad beings in this cosmos. We seek to teach those who feel limited within the human suit to expand beyond its borders! remember walking in freedom and sovereignty in harmony with All."

To find out more or schedule your private appointment call Martha at 541-294-2550 or email 



Nicki Durga

Having received extensive training at the Arthur Findlay College in England with some of the best Mediums and Healers in the U.K., Nicki offers different types of readings (working both on a psychic and mediumistic level), Intuitive Counseling, Trance Healings, Personal and Spiritual Coaching and a trauma therapy called Emotional Alchemy Therapy. (She holds certifications for Coaching and EA Therapy.) Nicki also teaches development for those who want to unfold their intuitive and/or mediumistic gifts. Her focus is to empower her clients by helping them gain the clarity necessary to move past what holds them back in any area of their life, realize their own potential, and step fully into their power. 

To find out more about Nicki visit



Eckankar, experience the light and sound of God. The quality of your life depends upon 1 thing, your connection with Divine Spirit. Discover how God speaks to us through past lives, dreams and soul travel. Make this lifetime count! Eckankar, The Spiritual Adventure of a Lifetime. Be sure to stop by the booth and spin the Spiritual Wisdom Wheel.

For more information, free books and video excerpts visit or call 1-888-lovegod  



Astara E. Edmonds
Psychic/Clairvoyant, Reiki Master Teacher, Author

Astara's Readings are professional and highly accurate delivered with respect.  Her connection to Angels and Ascended Masters supports her in being a clear and compassionate messenger.  The information is intended to guide and empower you with insight and perspective that will bring clarity to your life.  Your questions are welcomed. Astara has been dedicated to serving in the metaphysical field for 30 years. Enjoy her cookbook: “Spirit and Spices, The Vegetarian Way”.


For information or scheduling your private in-person or phone Reading, contact Astara at or email  Located in Glide, OR 352-601-8529




Akashic consultant, Energy worker, Myrrhophore

Ellanyi has studied many alternative modalities since the 90s. At this Faire she will be offering two of her favorites, the Akashic Records and Sacred Oil Healings. Ellanyi finds the Akashic Records to be healing as well as informative. They open pathways for releasing old beliefs, forging new possibilities to move freely into the future. A Sacred Oil Healing uses the vibration of the oils to assist in clearing your chakra system and transmuting the most important issue for you at this time. With the help of your guides Ellanyi will intuitively pick the oil best suited for you. She looks forward to working with you and assisting you on your path of healing.

For more information visit



Janet and Mike Fields

Proprietors of J & M Rocks and Gems
Janet and Mike invite all of you to stop by their table for a visit. The earth has given us an abundance of beauty, energy and power in the form of stones and gems. Janet and Mike have selected a wonderful variety of them just for you and are looking forward to enlightening you on all they have to offer and share. Be sure to stop by their booth so that you can help them help you release the magic in rocks!



Ernie Flores

Shamanic Practitioner

Ernie spent most of his career working in the mental health field until he was called to complete a shamanic practitioner training.  This has opened up a whole new way of using the ancient art of shamanism for healing emotional and physical issues.  He uses drumming, rattling and medicine songs to assist clients with entering into an altered state of consciousness to guide them on shamanic journeys:  Soul retrievals, connect with spirit guides, energy clearings, and cord cutting.

For more information or to schedule a session, contact Ernie at (541) 840-5542 or visit



Rowan Fox
Intuitive Counselor; Psychic; Healer
Rowan Foxx is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Counselor. She is known worldwide for helping people to navigate their lives and achieve their goals through Anam Cara Soul Path Readings and Healings.  Anam Cara is the Gaelic word for soul friend. In the Celtic tradition, this refers to a spiritual teacher or mentor. Someone to listen to you with heartfelt compassion and deliver intuitive guidance to help you on your life path.  Rowan is a High Priestess of Avalon and has been walking the path of the Celtic Fairy Tradition for over 30 years. Rowan is a powerful psychic, master tarot reader and healer. She can help you maneuver through life’s difficult lessons as well as assist you through the portal of 2020 and the rebirth of humanity.  Rowan is available for readings in person and by phone.


To find out more contact Rowan at 831-818-7300 or Email:  or visit her website


Grants Pass Center for Spiritual Living

We are often called the golden thread that runs through all major religious traditions. We believe in God, the Living Spirit Almighty, One, Indestructible, Absolute and Self-Existent Cause. This One manifests itself in and through all creation. We believe there is One all encompassing power and that power is God. We also believe that we, as expressions of God, create our lives through a natural creative law. We are empowered to change our lives by changing our thinking and our beliefs.

Join us Sundays at 10:30am. We have been serving Grants Pass for over 50 years!

To find out more call Rev. Steven Van Meter at 818-437-6829 or visit at



Jonathan Hasler
Simple Incense
Please check back to find out more about Jonathan and his beautiful line of handcrafted incense



Joy Hiler
Second generation Psychic/Medium
a second generation psychic and able to hear Spirit from a young age, Joy has been an open channel for most of her life. Joy receives very specific messages and guidance from her Spirit Guides and is often as surprised as her clients how timely, accurate and helpful the messages are. Joy is also very skilled and experienced at sitting with others as they make their transition from the physical back to spirit.  When working with others in this capacity, she assists the one making their transition and then shares with the family and loved ones all that she witnessed, received and sensed bringing untold peace to all concerned.

To find out more or to schedule an appointment please call Joy at 659-1125 or e-mail



Kathleen Anne Johnson
Sound and Energy Medicine teacher; Medical Intuitive Nurse Practitioner; Galactic Akashic Records reader 

Kathleen is a musician with a special love for alchemy crystal singing bowls and voice. Over hundreds of sessions with clients with numerous health issues, she has continually received positive feedback on the deep relaxation, soul connection, and pain and symptom reduction with treatment. She offers private Crystal Song Soul Medicine, group sound healing sessions, and one to one mentoring for those wishing to learn sound healing, as well as crystal singing bowl consultations to find your perfect crystal singing "bowlmate". Kathleen’s sound has been described as angelic, transporting the listener to the transcendent, expanded space of peace and love, where all healing is possible.

To find out more visit Kathleen’s website She offers virtual and in person appointments at Soul Song Healing Center, 558 NE F St. #4, Grants Pass



Andrea Kremko, C.M.Ht., D.D.

Founder and organizer of the Enlightened Living Faire; Hypnotherapist; Reiki Master/Teacher; Jikiden Reiki Practitioner; Spiritual Mentor
With 25+ years as a professional in the healing arts Andrea brings much experience, heart, humor and knowledge to her students and clients alike. Andrea works full time as a Clinical and Medical Hypnotherapist and Therapeutic Energy Practitioner in private practice. With a strong connection to the archetype of teacher, Andrea develops and facilitates classes and programs dedicated to the healing arts and receives immense pleasure from teaching others and assisting them in developing their skills and deepening into their healership. Andrea also holds a Doctorate of Divinity degree, is skilled in energy field and chakra assessment and analysis, remote (distance) energy work and offers individualized sessions and mentoring to both clients and practitioners.

To find out more or to schedule a private in-person or remote appointment please call Andrea at 541-761-5478 or e-mail her at


Aaron Lamar

Owner of Lamar Custom Design
Here's a few words straight from Aaron: "At Lamar Custom Designs we pride ourselves in our commitment to quality craftsmanship. With years of experience in the industry, our team of talented artisans and woodworkers are dedicated to creating beautiful one of a kind pieces that will stand the test of time. Some of the many things we offer include personalized signs, home décor, custom furniture, or art pieces that are made to be the center of attention. We invest passion and creativity into every project we make for any occasion. 
We want to create for you!

Thank you!"

To find out more call 541-761-7888 email or



Gizelle Luccio
Intuitive Life Reader
Gizelle gratefully works with the gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), clairaudience (hearing), clairsentience (feeling) and claircognizance (knowing). Through the process of Soul Leadings & Life Readings, she connects you with your Spirit Guides to help you hear your own inner voice. Your guides are always present within and around you, continuously preparing and revealing the next steps on your life journey. You may come with an idea of what you want to hear, however, she will tell you what your guides want you to know. Without cards or devices, she immediately reveals the deepest issues of your heart.

To find out more or to schedule a private reading call Gizelle at 541-488-0228 or email visit her website at



Mollie Means
Psychic Channel
Mollie is an experienced psychic channel with over 20 years experience. Mollie accesses her guides, guardian angels, and/or master teachers or those of her client to bring through the information that will be of the highest benefit in addressing the cares, concerns or questions her clients have. She cares deeply about her clients, working with the highest of intent, surrounded by White Light. She empowers her clients by assisting them in deepening their understanding of self and increasing their self love.

To find out more or to schedule a private appointment please call Mollie at 541-218-6709



Nicole Person

Nicole Person has a varied background. After more than 10 years in high tech marketing, she left the industry to co-found a French Intensive Biodynamic farm, then spent 9 years in the natural products industry. She has studied a variety of healing modalities including Shiatsu massage, Homeopathic remedies, Flower and Gem Essences, herbs and nutritional supplements. Healing modalities include: Pranic Healing, Crystal therapy, Heart and Soul, 7-Rays, Quantum Touch, Remote Viewing, and is a Reiki master (Usui, Karuna and Shambala). Since 2000, she has provided more than 1000 personal clearings. Nicole specializes in finding and clearing negative energies for people, businesses and places. Be sure to stop by Nicole's booth where you will find her line of vibrational remedy sprays to assist you in maintaining positive energy and facilitating your healing process. 


More information and testimonies can be found on her website:



Sandra Quenon

Proprietor of That Woo Woo Shop

Come and see Sandra’s lovely handmade items! Velvet lined Bags in three sizes for tarot cards, runes, crystals, travelling altars and many other uses. You will also find spelling salts, sugar skulls and the now famous monster boxes. There are other goodies awaiting discovery. Everything is made by hand and infused with love, light and intention. 



Erik M Roth

Fully Initiated and Certified Shamanic Astrologer

Based in Portland, OR, Erik has been a professional astrologer since 2010, bringing archetypal-awareness to many as we journey to fulfill our soul’s intent. Certified by Daniel Giamario of the Shamanic Astrology Mystery School, he provides astrology readings, talks and teaches shamanic astrology across the Western US.  Through the lens of Shamanic Astrology, Erik's astrology readings help you connect to your soul's intent without judgment while honoring the totality of your being.  In addition, he can assist with understanding your life phases and timings through our relationship with the planets, stars, Sun and Moon.


More information about Erik can be found at his website, , by e-mail at and phone at 971-404-7117


Steven Roy

Pick a gemstone and sit back.  Allow Steven's guides to connect with your guides and set out on a journey together in order to bring you closer with your with your higher power.  This journey is not for the faint of heart.  Steven delves deeply into identifying your path markers and focusing on physical signs that lay in your path for healing, happiness, prosperity, wealth, and emotional renewal. Steven shares what he sees, feels and senses from your past to your present to your future.  Additionally, Steven strives to do his best to answer your questions and bring you confirmation.


To find out more or to schedule a private appointment with Steven email him at


Wendi Roy
Indulge Candles
Be sure to stop by Wendi's booth and discover her very unique line of candles - - you'll be very glad you did!


Donna Schmid
LMT, NCMMT, NLP: StarSeed Energy Interpreter – Card Reader

An Energy Interpreter listens to your words; listens to your heart; watches your face and looks deeply into your eyes. She checks your body movements; takes note of your subtle facial expressions; interprets your silence and most importantly; she feels your emotions and hears what you’re not talking about. As an Elder of the Guardian Star Family, Donna telepathically receives messages from the Wise Ones while scanning the vibrational field for “energy” gaps; sharing the action necessary to restore balance. Benefits: Release stagnant or stuck energy; emotional blockages; and unhealthy patterns. Get clarity on present concerns; clear past trauma and limiting beliefs before, during or after your arrival in this lifetime.


To find out more or to schedule a private appointment, call (541) 476-1662 or email



Erin Sprinkle
Owner and Designer at Heat Treats
For over 20 years Erin has been hand-crafting Heat Treats, pain relief wraps that 
contain a special blend of lavender and flaxseed that you warm up in your microwave. Unlike rice or corn wraps that can lose heat quickly, Erin has found that natural flaxseed retains heat longer, provides soothing moisture and conforms to your body for ultimate comfort. Heat Treats unique formula was developed and tested with the help of therapists and gerontologists to ensure the most effective pain relief along with the calming scent of lavender. Erin takes pride in crafting quality products and helping you find the Heat Treat that is just right for you. Be sure to ask about ‘Cuddle Ups’, fun Heat Treat critters that kids and pets love to cuddle with.


Please visit Erin’s booth to find out more about Heat Treats or visit



Handcrafted inspired offerings for home, person and office



Rev. Dr. Karen Tate
Thought Leader, Author, Speaker and Podcaster
For the last thirty years, Karen Tate, a newcomer to Grants Pass, has been writing and speaking on the topics of sacred travel, sacred feminine liberation thealogy, caring economics and creating a new normal through the values of partnership, equality, justice and compassion.  She's been named one of the 13 Most Influential Women in Goddess Spirituality. Karen has published 3 books and curated 3 anthologies and has been named a Wisdom Keeper of the Goddess Spirituality Movement.  Her podcast, Voices of the Sacred Feminine on Blog Talk Radio will soon return from hiatus.  As a social justice activist she's participated in the award winning film, Femme: Women Healing the World.

Please come by and say hello and check out some of the books she has at her booth! Or find her at her website - 



Ter Nemphe, LLC
Therapies of ENergy HealingTM
Specializing in therapeutic bodywork and energy healing for women. Offering 15 minute Reflexology treatments to the guests of the ELF. Stop by and enter a drawing for a chance to win a free, one hour treatment of you rchoice. No obligation. 



Umpqua Naturals

Created and offered by Tom and Janice Johnson

Unpqua Naturals is a local home based business offering natural essential body care products inspired by nature and lovingly made with all natural oils and butters that are soothing and moisturizing to the skin. Umpaqua Naturals product line includes soaps, facial bars, shampoo bars, hair and beard conditioner,  aluminum free deodorants, and fluoride free toothpaste. Umpqua Naturals also produces pure vanilla, and apple cider vinegar as well as mushroom and herbal tinctures that promote health and well-being.  We look forward to meeting you!


To find out more about Umpqua Naturals call 541-637-5272 or email



Vajra Ma
Founding Priestess of Woman Mysteries of the Ancient Future Sisterhood®
Are you ready for in-depth female embodiment and Goddess work, to serve the global awakening? Vajra Ma has been lovingly guiding women for over three decades in womb wisdom and direct knowledge through the body. She teaches with warmth, humor and a bedrock of compassion. She is an ordained Dianic Priestess since 1992, the author of From a Hidden Stream: The Natural Spiritual Authority of Woman and published in several anthologies including Foremothers of the Women’s Spirituality Movement. Her award-winning includes 30 interviews with these Foremothers. With her late husband Wolfgang Nebmaier she co-founded the local non-profit Shakti Moon Foundation, dedicated to cultivating right relationship with Source, particularly Earth and Woman. For info on current classes or to book a private healing session:  541.292.6310 (no texting) Website:



Jan VanEk

Proprietor VanEk Sculpture
Please stop by Jan’s booth and discover more about Jan and her inspired hand cast bronze offerings. Discover for yourself that Jan truly has something for everyone from handmade pendants of precious and semi-precious stones combined with beautiful hand cast bronze pieces to full size bronze sculptures that would be right at home in your home.

To find out more visit



Stacie Voight
Pearls and Friends 

Stacie has been selling oysters with beautiful colored pearls in them for over 5 years. Her pearls are cultured and come in a wide variety of colors: creams, white, black, purples, reds, blues, yellows, greens, pinks, chocolate... all of which are stunning! Stacie has a variety of beautiful, hand selected pendants for you to put your new pearl(s) into. She also can drill the pearls for other styles of necklaces. All of her pearls are drilled and set in-house.  Along with the jewelry, she makes beach crafts, from goat milk soaps to resin coasters and charcuterie boards. Everything in her both is beach themed. 

For more information please contact Stacie at 541-500-9011 



Sher Williams and Emily VanSant 
Rune Readings; gently used metaphysical books and card decks
A divination system associated with the Viking and Nordic tribes, Runes date back to 5th century AD where they were held in the highest of esteem.  They are still looked to today for their ability to assist in connecting to intuition and guidance. Sher and Emily will be offering Rune readings and are very much looking forward to sharing the insights that the Runes hold just for you!  You’ll also find gently used spiritual and metaphysical books, card decks and other related treasures. Be sure to ask about Gem Mystique: a colorful and radiant musical journey through the twelve birthstones.


To find out more call Sher at 1-800-774-SHER (7437)  or email



Jamica Wallace RMT, RScP, CCAP
SOM Practitioner; Reiki Master/Teacher; Certified Angel Intuitive; Certified Aromatherapist 
Jamica is a lightworker/healer who loves to help others facilitate the discovery of their own inner strength and courage. Jamica’s spiritual journey of self-discovery began in Jan of 2013  and led her to her teacher Reiki Master Susan Varsames.  After her first class she immediately connected with the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing that Reiki  brings. Jamica continues to study and maintains a practice of self-care daily with incredible results. Today Jamica is thriving and strives to help bring the same healing to others. And that includes you!

To find out more call Jamica at
541-659-1777 or email her at or visit



Kelly Wilkinson
Certified Quantum Biofeedback Specialist
Kelly uses a biofeedback device called a SCIO to send over 10,000 different mathematical frequencies of energy to the energy body to determine where there is stress, imbalances, energy blockages and trauma, while also seeing what may ease the stress and balance the body. You will experience a relaxing effect, pain relief, euphoria, uplifted emotions, and stress release. This work has been amazing for people who are struggling with chronic health issues, people who want to be proactive in their health, or people who are looking for answers.


To schedule a session call Kelly at 707-616-8946


Wilma's Wondrous Words

Be sure to stop by Wilma's booth to experience and enjoy. her gifts for you....Wisdom.....Structure..... Vibration.... Intentions.....Vision..... Commitment.....Projection.....Spiritual Energy.....Consciousness Projects.... Creative Energy flowing of Patterns.....To Love with Heart and Mind......Feel the Harmony.....Emotions..... Wholeness and Pattern Image.....Clean and Clear from This Moment Forward..... Creative Energy and Power..... From A to Z……Enjoy.....This Journey With Me..... Smiles



Wolfdreamer: Clairvoyant, Psychic, Medium, Astrologer

Wolfdreamer is a professional Astrologer and a natural born psychic with exceptionally strong clairvoyant, clairaudient and empathic abilities. For over 40 years she has been providing professional, highly accurate readings. She receives very detailed messages from her Spirit Guides to help you make the best possible choices for your situation.  She is also highly skilled with the Tarot cards and will frequently use Astrology as a way to get a clearer picture, often giving you a time line.  She can give you the answers you need in a manner which is honest and straightforward and compassionate.

To schedule an in-person or telephone appointment, please call Wolfdreamer at 541 295-0804 



Occam Wood

Energetic health practitioner, Trauma recovery facilitator, Usui Reiki Master, Oracle & Akashic reader.

Occam will be offering 30 minute Reiki treatments. Reiki practitioners channel universal life force to an individual to promote balance, flow and health in the emotional, mental and physical body. Occam is a highly skilled, and deeply intuitive energetic channel, and has been referred to as an "Energy Ninja". He specializes in Trauma Transmutation and Soul Integration. Utilizing deep connection with source, to identify, neutralize and remove the energetic aspects of trauma that affect the emotional, mental and physical body. This empowers the client to release the past, break cycles and return to balance, truth and unification to source consciousness.

To learn more about Occam's full sessions and extended support programs, book a free clarity call visit or call # 541-415-0219



Deonne Wright RN 

Registered Nurse, Clinical Aromatherapist, Reiki Practitioner, Shaman, Drum & Rattle Workshop Leader, Pranic Healing Practitioner, Certified Sound Healer, Channeler 

Deonne will create a custom essential oil blend for you, offering 30-minute sessions. Custom formulas designed with intention elegantly assist your nervous system lay down new brain pathways for different outcomes. They support, heal, and integrate the energetic shifts that increase your vibrational frequency. Grounded in her nursing expertise, Deonne combines intuitive information with tools in her toolbox to facilitate the activation of your highest potential.

To schedule an in-person or remote appointment please call Deonne at 541-659-0809, or visit her website  




**Please be advised that the services offered at the Enlightened Living Faire are not intended to replace traditional medical or professional advice or care. Guests or customers of the Enlightened Living Faire are further advised that they assume complete and total responsibility for the use and outcome of any and all services received.***

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